Workshop on Logic, Language and Information

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Accepted Papers


Jan Bessai, Boris Duedder, George T. Heineman and Jakob Rehof. Combinatory Synthesis of Classes using Feature Grammars
Anastasia Mavridou, Eduard Baranov, Simon Bliudze and Joseph Sifakis. Configuration Logics - Modelling Architecture Styles
Giuseppe De Ruvo, Giuseppe Lettieri, Domenico Martino, Antonella Santone and Gigliola Vaglini. k -bisimulation: a bisimulation for measuring the dissimilarity between processes
Ben Said Najah, Takoua Abdellatif, Saddek Bensalem and Marius Bozga. A robust framework for securing composed Web Services
Yael Meller, Orna Grumberg and Karen Yorav. Learning-Based Compositional Model Checking of Behavioral UML Systems
Luca Aceto, Kim G. Larsen, Andrea Morichetta and Francesco Tiezzi. A cost/reward method for optimal infinite scheduling in Mobile Cloud Computing
Flavio Corradini, Andrea Polini, Barbara Re and Francesco Tiezzi. An Operational Semantics of BPMN Collaboration
Ehsan Khamespanah, Marjan Sirjani, Mahesh Viswanathan and Ramtin Khosravi. Bounded Floating-Time Transition System: Significant Reduction for Analysing Actors
Elena Giachino, Einar Broch Johnsen, Cosimo Laneve and Ka I Pun. Time complexity of concurrent programs
Jonas Westman and Mattias Nyberg. Formal Architecture Modeling of Sequential C-Programs
Rim Abid, Gwen Salaün, Noel de Palma and Soguy Mak-Kare Gueye. Asynchronous Coordination of Stateful Autonomic Managers in the Cloud
Jose Proenca and Dave Clarke. Typed Connector Families
Dragan Bosnacki, Mark Van Den Brand, Joost Gabriels, Bart Jacobs, Ruurd Kuiper, Sybren Roede and Anton Wijs. Towards Modular Verification of Threaded Concurrent Executable Code Generated from DSL Models
Massimo Bartoletti, Tiziana Cimoli, Maurizio Murgia, Alessandro Sebastian Podda and Livio Pompianu. A contract-oriented middleware
Best paper! Sung-Shik T.Q. Jongmans, Tobias Kappé and Farhad Arbab. Composing Constraint Automata, State-by-State

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